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Aero Dubbing

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Aero Dubbing is a something that has taken us some time to source and blend to the correct texture that we wanted. 

We always wanted a Dubbing that was quite buoyant and from the testing that we have done so far we are very happy with the results

This is a natural Dubbing material, that we have aimed towards the more purist anglers who love to fish on the surface. That's why we stuck to the more subdued colours. Colours that may only be a few shades lighter, but it's the colour we've been wanting to get.

The really cool thing about Aero Dubbing is its soft but also scruffy. It can be dubbed super tight or brushed out for a more scruffy effect. 

Each pack contains approximately 1gram and we hope that you love it as much as we do. A definite Game Changer to Dry Fly & Emerger Tying. 

Fly Tying Dubbing is the most fundamental material in Fly Tying. 

Colour: Camel