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Chuck N Duck Fly Tying Materials

Varivas IWI FHT Front Heavy Tapered Leader

Varivas IWI FHT Front Heavy Tapered Leader

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Super Yamame Flat Butt IWI Select leader is designed for powerful turnover of the fly. Flat monofilament in the butt compresses loops for aerodynamic and effective presentation, even in strong wind. Hi-vis flash-yellow color helps to locate the fly, even on choppy water. Smooth Tech coating reduces surface friction and prevents water absorption, resulting in longer life.



*Turn performance-oriented FHT (Front Heavy Taper) for accurate control and precision.

*2m (6.5 ft.) long tippet makes replicating master angler Keiichiro Iwai’s famous long natural drift a possibility.

*VARIVAS Smooth Tech Coating increases durability by reducing friction and preventing water absorption.

*VARIVAS Smart Connect THIN design creates smaller connection profile between the fly line and tapered leader.


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