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TEXTREME Power-SOX Wading Socks

TEXTREME Power-SOX Wading Socks

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These revolutionary new outer wading socks are designed to fit over your stockingfeet waders, to protect the boot, which is often a weak spot in waders. They also make it much easier to slide into wading boots. These socks are made from Textreme’s unbreakable POWER-THREAD on the outer material and have a softer inner lining. These socks were tested over a 1 year period by the Italian Rivers Team with great results. The socks themselves were still in immaculate condition a year later. These are a great way to increase the longevity of your stockingfoot waders.


Available in 1x Size (Large>X Large) – As these go over the top of your Wadings, in nearly all instances, this is the best size for all.

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