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Hybrid Ripple Flash

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Our New Hybrid Ripple Flash is the replacement for our recently discontinued Ripple Flash. 

Hybrid Ripple is a softer more supple flash, not as stiff as our old Ripple Flash, giving it better movement in the water. Hybrid Ripple consists of 3 different types of synthetic flash material. Now having 3 different fibres this means they are larger packs giving you approximately 600 strands. 

With a mix of 3 fibres some with metallic and pearlescent, this creates a very reflective effect in the water. This means it makes your fly even more irresistible to the fish. 

We carefully selected 10 fish catching mixes which will work for all types of tying. From Trout to Pike Tying we have all these covered in just 10 colours.  


Colour: Rainbow Mosaic