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Hybrid Dubbing

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Fly Tying Dubbing is the most fundamental material in Fly Tying. 

We all love Hare & Squirrel Dubbing for its sheer, easy to dub, and its spikey gaurd hair. Imagine this, but on a different level, wouldn't that be awesome?? 

 We have created Hybrid Mixes for that reason to give you the more buggy look on your fly. This mix is created with Natural Hare and Squirrel Hair, and we've added one more secret ingredient to give that extra spikey effect. 

Mix 1 - Is a lighter blend that we have created so it's similar to Hare & Squirrel but with our secret Ingredient it's that bit Spikier.

Mix 2 - It's Similar to mix one but 50% darker and 50% more Buggy with lots more Spikey fibres blended through the Hare & Squirrel.

Mix 3 - The Super Hybrid Dubbing, the more expensive blend. This is a Blend that has A mix of Hare, Pine Squirrel, Fox Squirrel, Muskrat and our secret ingredient. This is the ultimate Dubbing and probably the nicest and most expensive Dubbing we have blended to date. This is the River Dubbing that is great on those special nymphs and dries.

Mix 4 - Super Hybrid Mix 4, this is a premium blend of dubbing. This blend consists of the following Hairs and Furs. Hare, Pine Squirrel, Fox Squirrel Muskrat and Coastal Deer Hair. With adding the Coastal Deer Hair it has created a super natural buggy dubbing. We have carefully trimmed the top part to give a really nice hazelnut colour. This is the ultimate mix.

Hybrid Mix 5 - The Super Squirrel Mix. This mix consists of 5 types of Squirrel that we have sourced from a few places. We have added the correct amounts of each to give it that perfect Mix for a great base layer but also a buggy look. 

Hybrid Mix 6 - The Premium Hare & Squirrel Blend. This is a Blend that instead of shaving the Hare we have taken a different approach so we get a good Mix of under fur and gaurd hair. This mix also consists of 2 types of Squirrel and it has been blended to give you a higher end feel. 

Hybrid Mix 7 - The Premium Hare Dubbing. This a mix that we carefully graded out Hare skins and took a different approach and didn't shave them. This gave us the a stunning colour and texture, with no waste.  

Hybrid Mix 8 - Spikey Muskrat - A blend of Muskrat Fur, Coastal Deer Hair, and Fox Squirrel Tail. This is super soft and super spikey at the same time. It's a great shade for some killer bugs.


As time goes on and we source more natural hairs, this range could become larger than it is. 


Approximately 1 gram per pack 



Colour: Mix 1