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Dyed Hare & Squirrel Dubbing

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Fly Tying Dubbing is the most fundamental material in Fly Tying. 

With our Natural Hare & Squirrel Dubbing and the Blends being one of the most popular Dubbings. We decided, why not just have the best of both worlds and have it available in dyed colours. 

Our all new Hare & Squirrel Dyed Dubbing. Getting that soft and spikey Dubbing which has been blended to give you that perfect buggy body.

This is such a nice blend and the quality on both Hare & Squirrel is top-drawer as one would say. 

We hope you enjoy this as much as you enjoy our Natural and Blended Hare & Squirrel Dubbing. 

Each pack contains approximately 1 gram. 

Colour: Black