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Chuck N Duck Fly Tying Materials

Upavon Pure Copper Flash Damsel Straggle Hackle

Upavon Pure Copper Flash Damsel Straggle Hackle

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Using our Pure Colour formula, we have combined a consistent olive base colour with strands of reflective flash. The result is a consistent and bold coloured hackle that can be used for streamers, lures, dabblers, nymphs or twisted with natural hackle fibres and dubbing brushes.


Consistent colours every timeExclusive to Upavon

Also available in Blue Flash Damsel, Green Flash Dragonfly and Nymph Mode2m per packMade in Britain


Our exclusive Pure Colour formula negates post manufacture dying, resulting in consistent, vivid, 'pure' colours that wont run or fade. We design, manufacture and process all Upavon chenilles here in our own UK workshop, ensuring that we make the right materials to help you catch more fish.



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