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Chuck N Duck Fly Tying Materials

Upavon Original Ginger Mosaic Straggle Hackle

Upavon Original Ginger Mosaic Straggle Hackle

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The original collection of iconic mosaic-themed colours with a modern twist. The combination of colours and flashes incorporated into the material is a perfect storm of attraction. Versatile and diverse. A must-have material for any fly tyer.

Mosaic straggles are perfect for a variety of patterns. The range of sizes offer at Upavon ensures endless possibilities for fly tyers making lures, traditional wets and nymphs.

Produced in a number of subtle variations to achieve the required effect.

Black Core (Original formula)

White core (Lighter presentation)

Shimmer (Pearl infused)

UV (UV infused)Ginger (Gold fibres)

2m per pack

Made in Britain



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