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Chuck N Duck Fly Tying Materials

Gulff Lampman UV Light 365NM 3W

Gulff Lampman UV Light 365NM 3W

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The GULFF Lampman UV flashlight is a stylish, highly efficient and innovative solution for curing almost all UV adhesives in fly tying. As a whole, Lampman represents the very best in its field. Lampman is equipped with a high-quality 3W LED chip and has a wavelength of 365nm in line with other GULFF torches, which has been found to be optimal for UV adhesives.


Lampman is equipped with USB charging port directly in the housing. Package includes 3W/365nm torch with filter, 18650 rechargeable battery and USB cable.




Flat lens due to less loss of light

High quality led chip

365 wavelength optimally suited for UV resin curing

Customised light control mirror

Rechargeable batteries

Direct USB charging





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