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Gulff Clear UV Resin

by Gulff
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$26.00 - $52.00
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Gulff's clear UV resins are quick-drying, crystal clear, non-sticky and durable. Our product range includes many different options for different applications.


CLASSIC - is the best option if you want only one resin bottle. Classic is a medium viscosity resin - not too thin and not too thick. It is unquestionably one of the best clear resins available.

THINMAN - can be used for small nymph fly bodies or any other small flies. Thinman is a low viscosity resin and it makes for a beautiful finish. It does not cover details. It highlights details.

FLEXMAN - is the best option if you need Classic resin features but flex and soft finishing. Flexman easily fills requirements for shrimps, streamers, fly heads and eggs. Flexman is a medium viscosity resin.

FATMAN - creates easily large fly bodies and is thick enough for shaping. Fatman loves streamers, fly heads and large shrimps. Fatman is a high viscosity resin.