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Chuck N Duck Fly Tying Materials

Textreme Flash Carousel 25cm

Textreme Flash Carousel 25cm

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Display for hanked flash and fibers, with complete rotation of the head of 360⁰ on its axis. It allows a quick choice and selection of the fibers, you can take them directly from the hanks placed on the support or removing the entire hank, by pulling it upwards. It is also equipped with housings of two different depths alternately, to be able to choose which colors to keep closest to hand. You can store over 100 hanks of different types and colors with a maximum length of 25 cm., It is an excellent way to always have the various flashes and long fibers at hand, always keeping them well tidy and stretched out.


– 100% Made in Italy

– Rotating head designed to accommodate over 100 hanks

– Special shape on the edges to prevent the hanks from falling

– Available in three colors: White, Gray and Black

– Total height 25 cm.

– Assembly instructions inside or scan the QR Code on the package

– Internal core made of threaded steel bars

– Made of plastic from renewable plant sources

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