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Chuck N Duck Fly Tying Materials

Electric Seal Dubbing Ltd Edition Box

Electric Seal Dubbing Ltd Edition Box

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We have been asked so many times to do an Electric Seal Dubbing Box. So here we have it but and a really big but, it's 10 Ltd Edition Colours. 

These are 10 Colours that we have thought about adding to the 55 blends so many times but we find it hard to keep on top of 55. So we've wrote all the mixes down just incase. 

Colours are as follows 

1.Custard 2.Blood Red 3.Mystic Purple 4.Cow Dung 5.Golden Olive 6.Salmon Pink 7.Comp Sunburst 8.Deep Claret 9.Hot Peach 10.Green Peter. 

Roughly 0.5 grams per colour 

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